Google’s Bard Rebrands as Gemini: New Name, New App, New Era?

Google’s Bard Rebrands as Gemini: New Name, New App, New Era?

Google revealed a significant redesign of Bard, their AI chatbot and assistant, on Thursday. The new look includes a new app and subscription choices. Now known as Gemini, the chatbot’s AI model suite shares the same name as Bard, the main rival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

According to the Alphabet subsidiary, Gemini Advanced, which offers a more potent Ultra 1.0 AI model, is available to U.S. consumers for $19.99 a month.

The launch of Gemini intensifies the competition between Google and Microsoft to control emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which the companies market as offering new opportunities for individuals to express their creativity, handle jobs like debugging code, or even get ready for job interviews. Google offers two free months to encourage users to try out its premium model, which costs $19.99 per month in addition to the free version of Gemini.

In addition to receiving two terabytes of cloud storage, which normally costs $9.99 per month, subscribers will soon have access to Google’s productivity suite and Gmail’s Gemini feature.
The Google One AI Premium plan, which comes with this bundle, is one of the company’s greatest responses to Microsoft and its partner OpenAI to far. Additionally, it demonstrates the increasing rivalry for customers, who now have multiple options for paid AI subscriptions.

During the company’s earnings call on January 30, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized the firm’s commitment to artificial intelligence. Pichai stated that, although there is “a lot of execution ahead,” he eventually hopes to provide an AI agent that can carry out an increasing number of actions on a user’s behalf, including within Google Search. Similarly, CEOs of major IT companies like Microsoft and Amazon emphasized their dedication to developing AI agents as tools for productivity.

What is the rationale behind the wide name change? Reporters were informed by Google’s Hsiao on Wednesday that the goal is to make users aware that they are dealing with the chatbot’s AI models directly.

Gemini is our cutting-edge models, and Bard [was] the means to talk to them,” Hsiao stated.

The Gemini app may be downloaded by Android users via the Google Play Store. Additionally, users can choose to use Google Assistant to activate Gemini’s help from within the app or from any location where Google Assistant would normally be triggered, such as by saying “Hey Google” or pushing the power button.
You don’t have to give up on Gemini totally if you use iOS and want to experience it on your phone. In the upcoming weeks, Google says it will begin to push out access to Gemini through the Google app.

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