Everywhere you turn these days, there is a theory, leak or speculation about the way Game of Thrones will eventually end. But, since season 7 began, fans of the show have noticed something different about the show and many of us have started to question why showrunner’s Benioff and Weiss felt the need to move things along so quickly this season when in past seasons more time was spent on getting a character from place to place. In other words, this season has a pacing problem, where characters are in one place one moment and two minutes later they are in another.

So upon rewatching the first five episodes of season 7 over and over and being bothered by the same pacing problem as everyone else, I began to question how Benioff and Weiss could be so careless after 6 seasons of being so meticulous, but then I felt that everything they do has a reason (and I could be totally wrong) and to be so careless now doesn’t make sense.

That got me thinking and paying closer attention and then I came up with an answer that will at least now let me sleep at night, but the theory has to do with Bran. In episode 3 of this season, he reunites with Sansa and tells all of us why there is a pacing problem now. It is when he is trying to explain to her what the Three-Eyed Raven is and he says that he sees everything, but it all comes to him in pieces.

This is the first season that Bran has been the Three-Eyed Raven without guidance, so he is not in control of what he sees, and with the Night King heading toward Westeros, Bran doesn’t have much time to learn everything he needs to know.


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